Midas touch was formed in 1981 and has enjoyed huge popularity ever since performing in almost two thousand functions. Including the current six members there have been a total of just eleven members over the years, which is not a lot if you consider how long the band has been in existence. It's always a pleasure to speak to old members of Midas Touch and there's always a very special bond among all the current and past members of the Midas Touch family.

In 2002 we had the fantastic experience and pleasure of playing at a wedding of the daughter of a couple whose wedding Midas Touch performed in twenty years previously. Now a day this happens all the time.

Andy (vocals, bouzouki & traditional violin) is the founder member and leader of the band.
Pete (drummer) joined the band in 1983
Elizabeth (vocals. percussion) who is Andy's daughter starting singing with the band at the age of 15 in 1998.
Mike (keyboards, vocals) joined in2001.
Alex (guitar, vocals) joined in 2008
Simon (vocals, percussion) was the last member to join in 2011.

Contact Andy on 0208 882 3685 for more details
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